A downloadable game for Windows and Android

When you play gravity box you can change direction of gravity at any time.

Do you want walk on the wall or jump chasm? No problem. Just switch direction of gravity.

Every four level added new game objects. Some objects works without your actions, others activated by pressing button and something activated on change direction of gravity.


— change direction of gravity at any time.

— activate game object when you switch direction of gravity.


arrow left, right — movement
arrow up — jump
z, x — switch gravity direction
esc — back to previous menu


Gravity-Box- 4 MB
Gravity-Box_v1.0.7.apk 18 MB


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Ok what am I missing? The level select screen has all the levels locked...

Hi, this is a very old build for browsers and does not work now. I'm uploaded builds for windows, linux, and android. I hope some of this works :)

Awesome thank, I'll have a look